Nice things people are saying
about Stephen Snyder...

“I enjoyed your seminar! You're a wonderful speaker. I was not bored at all. You had everyone's attention. I was so impressed with the testimonies I heard from the two ladies that were helping out with the seminar! Hopefully I, too, can get where they are. You do a wonderful job. Thanks for all your great advice.”
“I just wanted to tell you how thankful I was for having received your invitation. It was an incredible experience, and it gave me hope...a light at the end of my tunnel, so to speak.”
“My name is Mary. My husband and I went to your seminar and we were blessed. The seminar was great. I thank the Lord for you guys and your caring to help people. We were at a loss in what to do, then this invitation came and I told my husband let's go. It was wonderful to see there is hope.”
“Just got home from the seminar--loved it! You guys are great!”
“Wow! Thanks for such a great seminar, and a great book. You have helped change my life. I have taken your advice.”
“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience at the seminar yesterday. Your success is a great example that \problems\ can become the seed for growth and giving to others.”
“Thank you so much for bringing your seminar here. Like many others, I was very skeptical. Our bankruptcy was discharged in June 19. God has been working so many miracles in our lives over the past six years I really didn't have time to dwell on our bankruptcy. When your invitation came in the mail, Greg knew it was time to compare where we were to where the seminar thought we should be. I'm happy to say your seminar gave us some great ideas to follow through on...A friend of mine was also at your seminar. We literally, bumped into each other in the bathroom. We have both grown in our friendship as a result of the Stephen Snyder seminar. There are so many people hurting, and so many people trying to prey on us in such destructive ways. Again, Stephen Snyder, thank you for your seminar. Sometimes we just don't know how we affect other people's lives by our actions and our words.”
“Thank you so much for writing your book and all of the work you have done. My husband attended your seminar and was greatly impressed. Since then we have moved to Virginia and are rebuilding our lives. Stephen Snyder, thank you again for your leadership and honesty. It means a great deal to us and to many others. You are truly inspiring!”
“I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I attended Stephen Snyder's seminar were impressed with the amount of information that we were provided. Stephen gave a great talk and we really learned a lot. Thank you so much for inviting us to this seminar!”
“My husband and I attended your seminar here and were very pleased with your presentation. You did a great presentation and the information was very enlightening. For that I thank you.”
“I have to honestly say that your seminar was the best and most INFORMATIVE four hours that I have ever spent. I plan to drive to my daughter's house today and show her a lot of the information. Because of your seminar I am going to take my life back and take charge of it once again! Thank you so very much for your experience and choosing to share it with others. ”